What are Different Types of Trucking Services?

The United States of America is 9.834 million km^2 wide, where road networks and trucking systems are the neural networks carrying essential goods to each corner of the nation.

Don’t believe us? Have a close look around. Can you name any business that is not linked with transportation services directly or indirectly?

Logistics industries carry 91% of lumber and wood, 83% of farming & agriculture equipment, 92% of prepared dairy, foods, canned items, and 65% of pharmaceutical essentials.

Types of Trucking Services:

Door-to-Door: Usually, goods are picked from a warehouse of the seller and delivered to the consumer, eg. Amazon.
Business to Business: These also occur in the same manner as Door-to-Door, but shipment sizes are typically much bigger. Even the truck used is of larger freight loading capacity.
Items such as:
• Furniture.
• Electronics.
• Industrial parts and suppliers.
• Manufactured Items.
Heavy Haul or Specialized: These loads are enormous to fit in a regular truck or too heavy to meet the maximum typical truck towing capacity standards. Heavy haul and specialized services
are often seen with government agencies as well as businesses.
Items such as:
• Boats.
• Generators.
• Planes.
• Transformers.
• Agricultural & Farming Equipments.
Temperature Controlled: Refrigerated trailers are routinely seen with food-based items whose temperature must be maintained to retain their freshness and quality; usually a backup system is present so that if the main cooling system fails, another will instantly kick on, saving your goods.

What is the Most Profitable Trucking Business?
As every citizen in the US is vaccinated against Covid-19, we believe that the trucking industry will surely bounce back in 2021. You must strike while the iron’s hot, which means it’s time to put your vision glasses on the map to book more significant profits!
Many of the highest paying trucking jobs involve higher stakes-expensive, complex, or dangerous loads or driving through tougher terrain. As a rule of thumb, you get paid for your skills.

Types of Trucking Jobs with Better Profit Margins:

1. Liquid Hauling: Petroleum products like petrol, diesel, kerosene & other chemicals are dangerous for hauling; they require immense skill for handling & transporting. For this reason, the median salary for a liquid hazmat driver goes maximum up to $120,000.
2. Oversized Loads: Driving a double-wide truck can fetch you higher profits but requires special training & license. An annual income of $100k+ is feasible if willing to sacrifice your personal & family time.
3. Ice Road Trucking: Due to dangerous road conditions, you can earn anywhere from $20kto $75k.
4. Specialty Car Haulers: Transporting cars worth thousands of dollars are tricky; you cannot arrive at your destination with a damaged car. You can earn anything in between $73,000-$120,000 ann.
5. Dump Truck Driving: Driving garbage to its destination is also a risky job; you can earn anywhere from $15-$30 per hour.
6. Owner-Operator: Owning your trucking business can be rewarding. Independent truckers and owners can make up to $200,00 annually on miles driven, type of delivery, and customer satisfaction.

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